SENTINEL project seeks to convey knowledge and experience, SENTINEL pursues to join forces with other EU projects, initiatives and DIHs. The project aims to create synergies with related EU- funded projects in the field of cyber security and data protection within SMEs.

The European Commission motivates all project members to launch synergies with relevant initiatives, in order to address the high need, we all have for data privacy and security .

The high importance of synergies is the discussion that occurs; which helps us to identify common problems, discuss the practices that each project prepare, exchange ideas about policy suggestions, and establish a joint task force.

We believe that these synergies enhance the sustainability of the project and add value to the Dissemination and Communication activities.


✔️ Participation is free.

✔️ Knowledge transfer.

✔️ Benefit from free access to synergy workshops, webinars and one on one engagement with relevant projects to empower the sustainability of your project.

✔️ Communicate with experts on similar projects.


If you are interested in joining the synergy, please send your name and contact details to:



EU projects



SENTINEL has already engaged with the following DIH clusters/hubs: