Overall concept

The SENTINEL project will deliver a solution that will enable a novel “one-stop shop” approach to integrated and obtainable private and personal data protection compliance for SMEs/MEs.

This will be achieved through the adherence to the following project propositions:

  • To deliver a robust, technologically feasible and usable digital architecture that will provide SMEs/MEs security and privacy functionalities hitherto unavailable outside the domain of large enterprises.
  • To offer its users a theoretically relevant detailed methodology for the effective utilisation of this digital framework.
  • To allow for extensive experimentation on three carefully chosen pilots from three different business domains featuring sensitive personal data protection requirements.
  • To roll out this novel approach to over 10.000 smaller enterprises across at least 6 countries, in numerous verticals, through the consortium’s ambitious dissemination, communication and exploitation plan.



Above is presented the systemic view of the SENTINEL’s architecture. The description herein focuses on the logical structure of the architecture providing (a) an overall view for it, (b) the rationale for each component in its relation to other components, (c) the building blocks for delivering the components that include existing technologies contributed by SENTINEL participants as well as new solutions to be developed within the project and (d) the way that users may deploy this architecture in such a way so as to empower SMEs/MEs to tackle their specific needs and accordingly to establish appropriate internal security and privacy capabilities.