SMEs/MEs engaged via Digital Innovation Hubs

Indicative applications and use case scenarios.

The SENTINEL’s third pilot is based on a digital innovation hub (DIH- inNOVA4TECH) and a relevant incubator / accelerator (Madan Parque) provided through UNINOVA.

The inNOVA4TECH DIH operates in a pan-European level and is located in Portugal. Its customers include start-up companies, SMEs (<250 employees), MidCaps (between €2-10 billion turnover), large companies, multi-nationals, as well as research organisations from a large range of market sectors. The potential of inNOVA4TECH ecosystem can also be leveraged through the partnerships with Madan Park and AISET, which accounts for more than 200 associate companies, more than 10 regional and national associations, and more than 10 thematic networks.

Envisioned set of services:
Digitisation of a back pain and musculoskeletal disease machine

Client need(s): Digitalize the physiotherapy machine for recovery of back pain in order to accompany the patient during exercising and in this way provide indications whether the exercise is being done correctly.

The SENTINEL challenge: To ensure that all sensitive data related to these physiotherapy centres are handled in a secure and trustworthy manner, based on specific regulatory frameworks and facilitated by the necessary data privacy services.

Safety and well-being of shop floor workers

Client need(s): Support factories to improve hygiene and safety at work through the implantation of devices and application development, considering ethics at work.

The SENTINEL challenge: The SENTINEL challenge: To analyse potential data breaches with respect to sensitive personal data; to identify regulations related to workers’ monitoring and diseases reporting and provide the related compliance and data protection services.

Control of the polishing process to optimisation of cutlery production

Client need(s): CRISTEMA – a cutlery production company- aim to optimise and improve the cutlery production process through addressing a bottleneck problem in the cutlery polishing phase, which is performed by one machine and produces a delay in the factory production.

The SENTINEL challenge: To identify potential Industrial IoT-related datasets that are sensitive for the core business of CRISTEMA; to analyse potential regulatory frameworks related to IIoT data management; and to provide the required data privacy and compliance mechanisms