ARCADIAN-IoT and SENTINEL Symposium and Showcase


We are happy to announce our final event co-organised with our sister project ARCADIAN-IoT. We will join on the 9th of April 2024, in Stockholm to present the knowledge and results achieved in the past 3 years.

The event is dedicated to demonstrating the innovation capacities of the ARCADIAN-IoT EU project and SENTINEL project, towards integrated and automated IoT Cybersecurity and Personal Data Protection.

The ARCADIAN-IoT project aims to develop and make available an innovative, advanced, solid framework for trust, security and privacy management for IoT systems. The ARCADIAN-IoT framework will accelerate the development of IoT systems towards decentralized, transparent and user-controllable privacy in three real use cases.

On the other hand, the SENTINEL project will deliver a solution that will enable a novel “one-stop shop” approach to integrated and obtainable private and personal data protection compliance for SMEs/MEs.

In its IoT cybersecurity stream, the event will emphasize the holistic cybersecurity challenges and advancements in IoT, while addressing identity, trust, security, privacy, and recovery aspects. Notable presentations will include an overview of the EU IoT security landscape and key innovations from ARCADIAN-IoT.

In the Privacy compliance stream, the symposium will shed light on how to bridge the gap in personal data protection and cybersecurity for SMEs. The stream will include discussions on the EU data protection landscape and key organisational and technical measures towards GDPR compliance.

The deadline for registration is on the 2nd of April 2024.

Please visit the link here to proceed with your registration and check more info!