Cyber Security and Data Protection Synergies

Cyber Security and Data Protection Synergies
Cyber Security and Data Protection Synergies1
Cyber Security and Data Protection Synergies2
Cyber Security and Data Protection Synergies3
Cyber Security and Data Protection Synergies4
Cyber Security and Data Protection Synergies5

The SENTINEL project has co-organised and participated in the “Cyber Security and Data Protection Synergies – Joint Cluster Event”. The event took place at UNINOVA premises, in Portugal, on 16th and 17th of October 2023 while the participants could participated virtually in a training session, which has been held on the 2nd day of the event.

The agenda included the presentation of 10 projects, while were discussing relevant topics and presenting their results in the cyber security and data protection domain. The projects who co-hosted the event were: the IDUNN ProjectKRAKEN H2020Electron ProjectSecant projectCROSSCONTRUSTaWAREIRIS H2020 ProjectSPATIAL ProjectERATOSTHENES PROJECT and the ARCADIAN-IoT. The event kicked off by the WP7 (Ecosystem building, Exploitation and sustainability management) leader of SENTINEL, the UNINOVA partner. Also, a keynote presentation took place in the beginning of the agenda from Mr. Juuso STENFORS, a Project Officer of European Commission.

The main goal of this cluster event was to stimulate cooperation and synergy among diverse projects in EU cybersecurity. By uniting representatives from various initiatives, we seek to foster the exchange of knowledge, resources, and expertise. This endeavor leads to heightened effectiveness and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored for the EU market.

The training session was open to the public and was held on the 2nd day of the event, on 17th of October 2023. The session covered a range of topics such as Cyberrange for security professionals training, Integrating Blockchain with IoT for Secure and Scalable Decentralised Identity Management, etc.

Moreover, the event included a presentation of “Next Horizon Europe Calls - Topics for 2024 and pitching”, presented by the SENTINEL partner, UNINOVA. The Synergies - Joint Cluster Event was a great opportunity to create and promote more connections in the research community. There were almost 30 external attendees, and during the two-day event, all projects were involved in discussing synergies and collaborations.

We would like to thank all the participants, the presenters, and the organizers for such an interesting event.

Check out also the promotional video of the event.