SENTINEL Plenary Meeting and Final SME Workshop

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The 7th plenary meeting of the SENTINEL project took place on the 26th and 27th of February 2024, in Athens, Greece. The event was hosted by the Coordinator, ITML, and gratefully has been gathered all the partners in Athens!

As the project is coming to its closure, we dedicated the 2nd day of the meeting to our Final SME-centric workshop, to have our end users along with other stakeholders test the SENTINEL platform and give valuable feedback to the consortium. External Advisory Board (EAB) members have been invited to participate in this meeting as was the last meeting of the SENTINEL that brought all the partners together, and we expected to have a fruitful discussion with them as their presence was crucial in the round table discussion session, which was held on the 2nd day of the meeting.

The main purpose of the meeting was to present the results achieved since M29 (October 2023), and what progress we gained on the project’s KPIs. Partners covered several topics such as strategic planning for the project's conclusion, the finalization of trials with the pilots and the time plan concerning the last deliverables submission. Also, the project’s exploitation activities and the preparation of comprehensive reports on the Key Results have been discussed.

On the second day of the meeting, a noteworthy occurrence took place, including the organisation by the SENTINEL team, of a workshop centered around small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This was the final workshop of the SENTINEL project and aimed to showcase the project's significant achievements, providing an in-depth and hands-on demonstration of the SENTINEL platform. It delved into the project's innovation capacities, covering crucial aspects such as GDPR compliance, personal data protection, and cybersecurity, focusing on small and medium European businesses. These discussions shed light on how these elements intersect with and impact the core business activities of SMEs. Moreover, the participants had the chance to complete an interactive quiz that engaged them, and they provided valuable feedback and insights!

We would like to thank all the SMEs and organisations that have participated in our Final SME Workshop, and of course our three EAB members, for being with us in this project lifetime and support us with their discussions, opinions with the main aim of helping us improving SENTINEL platform and expanding its tools.