EU-made cybersecurity for safe, resilient, and trustworthy applications and services

SENTINEL in Joint Workshop

The “EU-Made Cybersecurity for Safe, Resilient and Trustworthy Applications and Services” workshop was jointly organized by ARCADIAN-IoTELECTRONERATOSTHENESIDUNNIRISKRAKENSECANT, SENTINEL, SPATIALTRUST aWARE projects. The workshop has provided an overview of how novel solutions can protect the complex ICT infrastructures and create a stronger, more innovative, and resilient European industry.

The development and increasing adoption of a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, devices, and solutions have disrupted many industries and modified many aspects of our everyday life, generating a huge impact on businesses, consumers, and governments. Thus, this has huge implications regarding security and privacy. New technologies will tend to further intensify cybersecurity issues and put in evidence the need for trust and secure solutions, for current and future digital services powered by IoT systems.

The workshop has covered a range of topics related to cybersecurity, including best practices for designing and building secure applications and services, techniques for identifying and mitigating cybersecurity risks, and strategies for ensuring the resilience of applications and services in the face of cyber threats. Furthermore, the session started with a keynote speech by Professor Kai Rannenberg, from Goethe University Frankfurt, and then followed by the project’s presentations. At the end of the session, an open discussion about future trends in cybersecurity paved the way for identifying new collaboration opportunities between the projects.

The full video and content can be found here.


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