SENTINEL in the PPS 2022 event

PPS 2022

The SENTINEL project took part in the Projects to Policy Seminar (PPS) organized by the European Research Executive Agency from 30th June to 1st of July in Brussels. The event aimed at framing some of the key challenges in the policy, and cybersecurity areas of the European Union. The agenda of the event had several breakout sessions accompanied by interactive talks and open discussions about the focused topics.  The SENTINEL project was presented as part of the Digital Security breakout session by elaborating on how the project offerings bring security and personal data protection for SMEs/MEs. It was a great event also from networking and liaison perspectives as the SENTINEL team met with representatives from TESTABLE, IRIS, ERATOSTHENES, SPATIAL, ARCADIAN-IoT, Secant, IDUNN, TRUSTaWARE, Electron, SOTERIA, CyberSEAS projects.