Coming soon: SENTINEL Final SME-centric Workshop

SENTINEL Final SME-centric Workshop

The SENTINEL project organizes a workshop on GDPR compliance, cybersecurity, privacy and personal data protection for SMEs. The workshop will be held in Athens, Greece, on the 27th of February during the 2nd day of our plenary meeting.

The event aims to present the main achievements reached within the scope of the project, demonstrating the SENTINEL platform and elaborating on the innovation capacities of the project. It will cover topics related to GDPR, personal data protection and cyber security and how these aspects can affect the SMEs’ core business activities.

The SENTINEL platform will be presented to the audience highlighting its innovation capacities, and how an SME can utilize them to leverage its privacy and cybersecurity. The workshop welcomes companies from the private sector, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), startups, and Small Business Entities, without any sector restrictions. Moreover, it is dedicated to business owners, company CEOs, decision-makers and managers, data, privacy, and cybersecurity experts.

We are looking forward to having a great and interactive workshop ensuring a friendly environment for all the participants.


The agenda is available: SENTINEL Final SME-centric Workshop agenda.pdf


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