SME-centric workshop (3rd pilot demonstration)

smes workshop 1
smes workshop 2

On September 25th, the SENTINEL partners successfully organised the SME-centric workshop, with the main scope of demonstrating the SENTINEL platform within the third pilot of the project, UNINOVA partner, and specifically through the external entities who have engaged via DIHs (Digital Innovation Hubs).

The workshop was held online, via the TEAMS link and it saw the participation of 38 participants. A full guide of instructions has been shared to the participants in order to proceed correctly with the evaluation and trial of the platform.

The external SMEs have been kindly invited to validate the Full Featured Version (FFV) of the SENTINEL platform from a twofold perspective. Firstly, to test the available functionalities of SENTINEL FFV under real-life operation scenarios and provide feedback considering their personal experience gained after performing the trial along with other validation criteria, such as usability, performance, user satisfaction, user interface (UI), etc. And secondly, to test the way that SENTINEL FFV addresses privacy, personal data protection, and cybersecurity requirements of different processing activities utilised by SMEs in their daily business. Moreover, the participants of each SME, should be able to create their profiles for the organisation and follow all the instructions in order to validate all the features of the SENTINEL platform.

The full video of the SME-centric workshop is available in the SENTINEL YouTube channel.