The SENTINEL Interim Review Meeting (M18)


On the 16th of February 2023, the SENTINEL partners have been gathered in the Interim Review meeting. The Review meeting held virtually, coordinated by ITML, with the presence of the SENTINEL Project Officer and the assigned Reviewers from European Commission.

The project partners had the opportunity to present details about the developed work, and what we have achieved within the reporting period. Furthermore, we discussed how SENTINEL could occur in better ways, in solving any open issues and delivering a platform focused on user experience.

The SENTINEL project has officially achieved a new Milestone by the M18 Review meeting. SENTINEL team would like to thank the Reviewers and the Project Officer, for reviewing the efforts that have been implemented by all the partners, and for giving us valuable insights in order to develop a solution that improves companies' cybersecurity and GDPR compliance.

As we are halfway through the project lifetime, our main goal is to implement the recommendations received and continue to develop a safe and secure ecosystem for European SMEs/MEs.